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Born in Ecuador, and raised in East Hampton NY. 

A bilingual Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

I have a fraternal twin whose first name is also Jessica.  Why? 

That’s the same question I asked my parents. Their response was “It’s a family tradition”. 

We have 4 pairs of fraternal twins in my family, whose first names are the same. Good thing everyone goes by their middle name! (phew) 


I have been involved in sports since I was in middle school which has led me to find my true passion today. 


Being raised in East Hampton has been a privilege. However, I craved more after I graduated with my Doctorates in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. I’m very thankful to say I have always had the right guidance throughout my education. Graduating from East Hampton High School with a few scholarships helped me attend Suffolk County Community College where I received my Associate in Liberal Arts. 

The right mentors always pushed me passed what I thought were my limits. I applied to the Stay on Long Island Initiative Scholarship (SoLII) and got a full-tuition scholarship to Adelphi University where I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology. At Adelphi, I had the pleasure to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who wanted to help others through movement and nutrition. That’s when I knew that Physical Therapy was my purpose. Four years into college meant buckling up again for the next 3 intense years of Graduate school. In the Doctorate program, I found friends whom I’m still able to connect with today. 

From late nights to early mornings studying, we were able to graduate with our Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 


I started working at a private PT clinic right away which I loved, but I wanted more. If you know me you know I am always striving for new experiences. That’s when I realized, Jessica the captain of her soccer and lacrosse team back in school needed to step out of her comfort zone again and take a risk. I knew I was getting comfortable where I was at. The second one starts to get comfortable is the second one starts to fail. 

Therefore, the next thing I knew I was packing my bags and moving to the Big Apple, NYC.


This city has opened the doors to many opportunities and self-growth. I am beyond blessed to be able to work alongside the most amazing clients ranging from The Hamptons to NYC. 


As a former athlete, I bring my knowledge, commitment, and love for sports to my personal training and physical therapy sessions every day. 

When I am not helping my clients you can find me at the gym, taking a run in Central Park or by the beach, savoring delicious dishes throughout the city, and booking a last-minute trip across seas. If you’re able to travel do it! You can never get lost time back. 

Hope your next booking is with me for some personal training / PT sessions. 

Siempre con amor (always with love),


Jessica Gutierrez, DPT, PT

Jessica Bio

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